S3T Sun Apr 2 - Q1, BRICS, G7, VC Spring, GPT Bans, Bard Test, Vector DBs, Snails, Olives...

S3T Sun Apr 2 - Q1, BRICS, G7, VC Spring, GPT Bans, Bard Test, Vector DBs, Snails, Olives...
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Macro: Q1 Reflections

Economic factors shaping the concerns and decisions of your customers and financial stakeholders.

Stocks recovered in Q1, but the economic mood remains cautious. Laid-off tech workers are getting hired by legacy firms - will this accelerate modernization at those firms? Working class families face hard times, and Princeton sociologist Matt Desmond has issued a challenge to abolish poverty in the US.

BRICS, G7 and Petrodollars

Amid fears about banking stability, two narratives about the future of the Dollar are making the rounds:

A more nuanced view takes into account of how actual interests of Saudis and others are tied to petrodollars, and how the BRICS nations were an invention of Goldman Sachs that lack the alignment and shared interests some try to depict (as noted in this 2015 WEF analysis, and again in this more recent piece).

To be clear, some (Russia and China) have pushed a BRICS reserve currency for several years now,  and the US dollar-based system, and the G7 will have to work harder to offer relevant value to the international order. "Working harder" will have to include getting more serious about financial innovation in the US: Stop the political food fight between the SEC and CFTC and create clear regulatory guidance for crypto.  


Alex Thorn notes the reduced liquidity in BTC markets, and says expect increased volatility, not just to the upside as seen in recent weeks, but also to the downside.

To understand the connection between liquidity - how much money is in a market - and volatility - how much prices move up and down, here's a simple working analogy:

Image you have a stone the size of a tennis ball: Drop that stone into a large lake, and there's very little impact to the level of the lake. BUT drop it into your coffee mug and it has a big impact...right?

Markets with lower liquidity (ie less money in play) have higher volatility (more dramatic responses to smaller buy/sell events).

Suggestion: Ask your investment advisor for their perspectives on this dated but pertinent guide to taking and reinvesting crypto profits.

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🔮 Inflation Perspectives - Why 2020's inflation is different.

🌍 Global Economic Dashboard - 500+ US & Intl real-time economic indicators organized by nation and release dates. Tap or click for latest charts.

Emerging Tech

Notes on technologies that present threats and opportunities for communities and businesses, but also offer solutions that change leaders can use for good.

Testing Bard

This week I tested Bard and ChatGPT side by side. For a prompt, I asked them to draft legislation requiring airlines to let passengers stay in their own wheelchairs when they fly (Big opportunity for airlines to demonstrate leadership - and stop pretending this is an unsolvable problem).

Here's the prompt I provided:

Airlines currently require passengers with wheelchairs to stow their wheelchairs in another part of the airplane when flying. This causes significant discomfort and risk to the passengers who rely on wheelchairs for mobility and support, and results in high rates of wheelchair damage which airlines must pay for. Using the language and format of a United States Senate Bill, write a draft legislation for a law that would require airlines to allow disabled passengers to fly in their wheelchairs. In addition, include language in the draft legislation that directs the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop guidance that airlines must follow when implementing the law, including guidance on configuring space in airship cabins to accommodate wheelchairs of various types, safety procedures for properly securing occupied wheelchairs during flight, and procedures for reducing risk associated with wheelchair power supplies or batteries. Finally, include a timeline that gives airlines specific but reasonable dates for implementing the law allowing passengers to remain in their wheelchairs while flying.


  • The Bard response was easier to read - more simple language
  • The ChatGPT response read more like your average Senate bill - little clunky in places.
  • Bard took longer to start typing but provided 3 versions.
  • ChatGPT usually starts typing immediately, but occasionally gets stuck before completing the answer.

You can compare the two proposed legislation texts here.

Fear and Loathing

FT believes Generative AI (like ChatGPT, Bard) could impact 300 million jobs. ChatGPT has been banned and threatened with fines in Italy and has been banned by Stackoverflow, at least temporarily. Users were posting ChatGPT-generated answers faster than anyone could keep up.  

"The volume of these answers (thousands) and the fact that the answers often require a detailed read by someone with at least some subject matter expertise in order to determine that the answer is actually bad has effectively swamped our volunteer-based quality curation infrastructure...So, for now, the use of ChatGPT to create posts here on Stack Overflow is not permitted." - Stackoverflow

And a group put out a letter asking for a 6 month pause on AI more powerful than GPT4. Others pushed back on the idea of a pause.

Spring returns for Venture Capital?  

Vector Databases like Pinecone, Chroma, Weaviate are getting top VC valuations. Here is a comparison of leading contenders.  

ChatGPT Plugins

OpenAI has rollout out ChatGPT Plugins that connect ChatGPT to up to date information, computation and other third-party services.

ChatGPT as the new Back End

ChatGPT and similar tools appear set to take on a new role as a "back end" of increasing array of front-end applications. This emerging model involves connecting ChatGPT to curated credible data sources (vs letting it devise outputs from a generic knowledge base trained on internet content.)

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Evaluating and selecting emerging technologies via an inclusive timely process becoming more challenging - yet more crucial for competitive advantage. How leading practitioners are approaching the challenge:

🧭 Light Weight High Value Architecture - a Framework for accelerating business value through effective enterprise architecture leadership.

🚀 4 Phases of Risk & Reward for Emerging Tech - Informs when and how to invest in or adopt emerging tech based on the risk tolerance and goals of you or your team.

Photo by József Szabó / Unsplash

🐌 Nature Notes: Sailing Snails

Researchers in Hawaii are discovering that snails apparently have the ability to cross oceans on pieces of driftwood, endure saltwater and establish themselves in new locations. This may help explain how a set of snails came to be established in Hawaii. See this amazing guide to the 100's of endemic snails species in Hawaii (Endemic meaning snail species that live in Hawaii and occur nowhere else on earth(!).

Meet the Snails
Hawaii’s extant native snails present a great diversity of fascinating morphologies and behaviors. From ground-dwelling snails that function as Hawaii’s primary native detritivores and conceal themselves as nubs of dirt to arboreal phyllosphere grazers decorated… Read More »

Photo by Flor Saurina / Unsplash

Sensible Ideas: Get up to speed on Olives

You find them in arroz con pollo, martinis, deep dish pizzas, salads, paired with cheese, and toothpicked to sandwiches. They're green, black, smooth, wrinkled, variously shaped like ovals, apples, and sometimes tear drops.  They take things to a whole new level, but we know suprisingly little about them!

"Athens is named for the Goddess Athena who brought the olive to the Greeks as a gift. Zeus had promised to give Attica to the god or goddess who made the most useful invention. Athena's gift of the olive, useful for light, heat, food, medicine and perfume was picked as a more peaceful invention than Poseidon's horse - touted as a rapid and powerful instrument of war. Athena planted the original olive tree on a rocky hill that we know today as the Acropolis. The olive tree that grows there today is said to have come from the roots of the original tree."

History of the Olive - OliveOilSource.com

Here are a few guides that are fun to learn from, and will give you some delicious ideas for the next time you are getting your family or team together.

A Field Guide to Olives, From Tree to Table to Toothpick
Jarred supermarket olives will do the trick in a pinch, but you deserve better. Explore the wide world of olives from Greece, Italy, Spain, and more in this helpful guide to flavors and textures of top olives.

💬 Final Note

One of the great joys in life you can experience is discovering something you'd like to change, working with others to successfully make that change happen, and celebrating how the change you led, created something good for your customers, your community, or your world. This is what we call change leadership. It's a set of skills everyone can learn. And it unlocks amazing achievement experiences, that everyone deserves.

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Opinions mine. Not financial advice. I may hold assets discussed.