Welcome to the S3T Membership!

Welcome to the S3T Membership!

You have just made a very important investment in your future success, and the success of the teams and communities you'll influence!

Let's get started right now making the most of it:

1. Make a plan: set an appointment with yourself each week to:

  • Read the newest edition of S3T (pronounced "set") that will be delivered to your inbox Friday mornings. Be ready to review the most pivotal insights and developments of the past week, and think about how you will put them to work for you in the days ahead.
  • Listen to the S3T podcasts. There is a link in each newsletter.
  • Pick the learning paths and topics you want to leverage from the S3T Full Access library (see below).

2. Go through the Change Leadership Learning Series - Click here to start building out your core set of change leadership skills.

3. Take Full Advantage of your S3T Paid Membership by clicking the Members menu at the top of any page on the S3T.ORG site. This gives you a curated collection of time-saving explainers and accelerators that frame key trends and issues with important context, perspectives, worksheets and more:

  • 🏫 S3T Resource Library - Curated collections of insights, time-saving explainers and accelerators that frame key trends and issues with important context and perspectives. Some include worksheets or additional resources.
  • 🛠 40 Best Online Tools & Resources - Top trusted online tools that save you time and $$$, as well as best online sources for emerging tech & research, economic insights, shifts, trends, history, culture and nature. 
  • 🌍 Global Economic Dashboard - 500+ US & Intl real-time economic indicators organized by nation and release dates. Tap or click any indicator for detailed charts.
  • 🪙 Crypto Market Caps - Top 100 Crypto Market Prices and Indicators. Colors indicate 24hr price movement, size of boxes indicate Market Cap.

4. Use the powerful search engine to quickly find what you need: Click the search icon (magnifying glass) at the top of any s3t screen for fast powerful search of the entire S3T library of S3T insights and trends:

5. Enjoy exclusive access to the S3T Archives - the full archive of every Edition of S3T.

Partial gallery of recent editions of S3T

6. Share what you're learning. Connect with other change leaders and let them know how you're tapping into the resources that change leaders use to maximize their effectiveness.

Whether you are trying to drive change

  • on a personal level in yourself or your career
  • on an organizational level with your team or company
  • on an industry, national or global level

the tools here will put you on an accelerated path to achieving your goals and growing as a leader.