Life is a Tapestry

Life is a Tapestry
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust / Unsplash

How to think about your less than perfectly focused life.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that focus and prioritization and getting rid of the non-essentials is the way to succeed, and that’s true.

But how you apply this principle makes all the difference.

Your life has a lot of different things going on in it: family, pets, job, volunteering, friends, not to mention what you do to maintain your physical and mental health, creative pursuits, hobbies and more.

People who want to focus, have a tendency to feel impatient or overwhelmed with the multi-threaded nature of life.

The multiple threads of life can be viewed as distractions or conflicts against each other.

But there’s another way. You can also take a deep breath and tell yourself:

"Its a tapestry."‌

Think about the interwoven threads that make up a tapestry, like the one pictured in the headline graphic above.

When you look at the back of a tapestry up close, it actually looks a bit messy. The image isn't clear. There are threads all knotted up in some pretty non-artistic ways.

Kind of like a day at work? Or like the week you're finishing up? :)

But when you look at the front of tapestry from a few feet away, its stunning! You see this beautiful image that wasn't evident in the threaded little details.

I've been reminded of this in multiple ways:

  • Looking back on a time that felt out of control, nuts, chaotic, - and realizing some amazing things came out of it.
  • Leaving the daily grind temporarily to go meet with another group or maybe present at a conference. Having other people come up and ask how your group managed to accomplish so much (!)

These kinds of moments remind you life is a tapestry.

There is a stunning image that is coming to life that you can't see yet. Your work, and the intertwining of all the things you and your team do, with all the interruptions and detours, is creating something.

So you have to be patient with yourself, your colleagues, and your circumstances. Be patient with the interweaving and messiness. Its what makes strength and beauty possible.

Something to think about:

How will you commit to being more patient with yourself and with your team? And have more confidence in the process that's creating the tapestry?

Photo by Alexas_Fotos / Unsplash

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