S3T Perspective: Abundance vs. Scarcity

S3T Perspective: Abundance vs. Scarcity
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Abundance: Recognizing and tapping into expandable vs fixed possibilities

Scarcity always loses, and makes everyone else lose too. An abundance mindset enables more effective solutions to the complex challenges of the 21st century.

Challenging the underlying assumptions of zero-sum thinking

Always maintain a positive and generous mindset: If we connect with the opportunities in front of us there will be more rewards and benefits that we know what do with. 

Malachi - a book in the Old Testament section of the Bible - has a beloved passage where God says something like "Go ahead, test me, and see if I won't open the windows of heaven and pour out so many blessings you won't be able to hold them all."

The twin possibilities of scarcity and abundance are deeply rooted in the human experience. As hinted in the old passage above, we have the ability to set our expectation toward one or the other. And this makes all the difference.

Sometimes, it's hard to believe in abundance when you're operating inside corporate structures where scarcity is the dominant mental model, and where zero sum games may be in play all around you. But remember, meaningful human achievement often happens in spite of, not because of scarcity driven corporate structures. 

Companies didn't invent fire, discover relativity or pass civil rights laws. 

Companies aren't bad. They can be amazing and beneficial engines. But they aren't the universe...they aren't "all there is." They have limitations. At best they can foster human achievement within limits for some period of time. 

They're vehicles. The good or bad they do depends on who's driving. And, who's driving has little to do with titles or positions. It has everything to do with adopting an abundance mindset because this in turn drives positive engagement and a willingness - eagerness - to see the big opportunities staring us in the face.

That's why so important - each day - to choose how we're showing up for our teams and our organizations. 

Abundance is always a possibility. Possibility tilts toward probability when we embrace an abundance mindset vs. a mindset of scarcity.

5 strategies for elevating an abundance mindset from an individual choice to an organizational culture

Recognizing the pivotal role that our mindset plays in shaping our organizations, it becomes clear that cultivating an abundance mindset is not just an individual choice but a strategic imperative for leaders at all levels. This mindset lays the groundwork for a transformative corporate culture that embraces change and innovation.

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