Intro to S3T Panoramas

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The What, Why, and How of Panoramas

S3T Panoramas are publications that help leaders connect dots between large trends, identify indicators and place them in a framework.

What: Panoramas depict the big picture:

  • Big trends that will continue into the future
  • Big questions that need to be answered/are being answered via innovation and experimentation
  • Big events that impact trends before/after they occur

How: Panoramas use text and visuals to provide insights:

  • Text outlines with supporting links, so key points are supported by detailed reference material.
  • Visuals that show timelines or relationships between key elements.

Why: So that change leaders have a reference for:

  • Identifying how things are changing and proactively preparing for those changing conditions
  • Identifying where change is needed because the status quo is longer acceptable, and better tools or methods are becoming available
  • Diagnosing problems that have remained unsolved because of resistance to change, and learning how to successfully address that resistance.
  • Understanding opportunities to invest to maximize ROI or mitigate risks.

S3T Panoramas: Key Evolutions

S3T Panoramas help you maintain a perspective of the key shifts occuring in our world today. As new developments unfold the Panoramas are updated.

S3T Panoramas & the S3T Worldview

The S3T worldview emphasizes working towards universally healthy and wealthy communities, rather than exclusive prosperity for a few. We believe we should work towards a healthy wealthy world made up of consistently healthy wealthy communities, rather than today's status quo where health and wealth are inconsistently accessible.

In this context, Panoramas provide crucial windows of perspective on the world's most pivotal issues where change leaders need to intervene.

Panoramas are designed to help us understand and track biggest shifts and changes underway; their history, their current evolution, so we as change leaders can best apply our energies and focus to drive to the desired outcome of healthy, wealthy communities, and ultimately, a healthy, wealthy world.

By understanding these pivotal issues through Panoramas—comprehensive perspectives on ongoing changes—we can identify where to add our support to positive developments and where to counteract negative trends.

This approach aims to foster the development of communities and a world that are both healthy and wealthy, guiding our focus and energy towards achieving this ultimate goal.