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If you are technology leader

  • who works in a challenging role
  • in a highly regulated industry
  • for a company with a complex enterprise


  • innovation is badly needed
  • emerging tech could enable better economics and experiences for individuals and communities
  • BUT resistance to change is strong

If you understand the value that innovation and emerging tech can bring, but you know too well what a struggle it is to make it happen.

If you want to be a change leader, and you have THIS mix of feelings:

  • You feel the temptation to give up because it feels safer to focus on "more practical" things,
  • At the same time you feel an urgency to enable something better for your customers, your patients, your community. You worry that this better outcome won't happen if you give up,
  • So you feel torn, because you have limited discretionary time, you already struggle with work life balance, not to mention your desire to balance your need to drive change with your need to fulfill the daily obligations of your job.

Underneath all of this, your deepest desire is to be a resilient, effective change leader making a positive impact, making a difference for people and communities.

If this sounds like you, then S3T Full Access is tailor made to help you on your journey.

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New Beginning - exiting the Tor
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