S3T Panoramas

The What, Why, and How of Panoramas

S3T Panoramas are publications that help leaders connect dots between large trends, identify indicators and place them in a framework

What: Panoramas depict the big picture:

  • Big trends that will continue into the future
  • Big questions that need to be answered/are being answered via innovation and experimentation
  • Big events that impact trends before/after they occur

How: Panoramas use text and visuals to provide insights:

  • Text outlines with supporting links, so key points are supported by detailed reference material.
  • Visuals that show timelines or relationships between key elements.

Why: So that change leaders have a reference for:

  • Identifying how things are changing and proactively preparing for those changing conditions
  • Identifying where change is needed because the status quo is longer acceptable, and better tools or methods are becoming available
  • Diagnosing problems that have remained unsolved because of resistance to change, and learning how to successfully address that resistance.
  • Understanding opportunities to invest to maximize ROI or mitigate risks.

S3T Panoramas: Key Evolutions

Panoramas help you maintain a perspective of the key shifts occuring in our world today.