The reading experience you deserve

The reading experience you deserve

I love understanding change - how things work today and how they're going to work tomorrow. But I think its important to balance this with other parts of life. That's why S3T includes original art, nature notes, restaurants & recipes, change leadership principles to enhance your total life and impact. Click here to sign up.  

What you get

Full Access subscribers get a weekly edition delivered to their inbox plus premium content on the website. S3T gives you:

  • Help connecting the dots: Concise insightful summaries of key developments, backed by direct links to the due diligence of the leading thinkers and innovators working on that problem.
  • Distraction-free reading experience: Instead of pages full of popup adds and distracting sidebars you get a focused reading experience.
  • Independent perspective: Many ad driven tech and business publications depend on sponsors with specific agendas. S3T takes an independent approach: S3T promotes worthy local businesses and organizations who are NOT involved in the financial, tech and policy innovations being discussed.

Additional value:  

Access the entire history of S3T editions - S3T editions frequently cross link to each other - for example noting where a previous S3T edition prediction has proven to be accurate. Here is a partial gallery of some of the weekly S3T editions:

Partial gallery of recent editions of S3T

Quickly Find Talking Points You Need with S3T's fast search engine: Click the search icon 🔍 at the top of any s3t screen for fast powerful search of the entire S3T library of S3T insights, trends, nature notes, food ideas and more:

Whether you are learning how to enable change in yourself, your career or your industry, or the world, the tools and insights here will put you on the path to achieving your goals and helping you get the most out of life.

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