How to protect your time and focus in an uncertain economy

How to protect your time and focus in an uncertain economy
Photo by Brooke Campbell / Unsplash

In the next 6 months, your company and customers will face tough decisions.

You want to be on the right side of those decisions when they happen.

To do that, you need to preserve your time and your focus - while staying ahead of the curve. Here's 1 practical choice to tilt the odds in your favor: relevant just in time learning.

Meaning: There are LOTs of newsletters.

But they are not equally valuable. Most will waste your time.

S3T(pronounced "set") is a change leadership newsletter and portal designed to give you concise insights you need in less time. They'll save you time, and they'll save you trial and error. (If you're ready, sign up now).

Here's what makes S3T different:

  1. Concise not verbose - Instead of large paragraphs that make your eyes glaze over, quick bullet points and sharp insights that cut to the heart of the matter.
  2. "Best of" not "One of" - You need perspectives that challenge your thinking. You don't need repeats of things you've heard 100 times.
  3. Empathy not "Look at Me" - Many newsletters and influencers sound like: "I'm insanely $ucce$$ful and here's my 3 easy steps"  If you are working to change something in the world, its challenging. You need to hear from people who understand that. Recent years made it easy to confuse having an impact with grabbing easy capital. They're different.
  4. Skin in the game not sideline commentary - Who is writing this? Is this their life's work? What do they have to lose if they're wrong? This makes a big difference in the quality of the research.

Bottom Line: Know what your time is worth. Invest in relevant just in time expertise that saves you time and makes you more effective and influential.

I created and refined S3T (pronounced "set") - the premier change leadership community - with these exact points in mind, because I wanted to give change leaders a way to invest in their own success and impact.

Each week in S3T I share crucial insights I uncover in my research and industry conversations, as I look for indicators of how to invest my resources and focus. I also share from my own emerging tech and innovation experience so others can benefit.

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